Budgetvm 服务器安装 windows 系统前注意事项

刚收了一台 Budgetvm 服务器,暂时不知道要用来干嘛,就准备装 windows 来挂机。谁知道,折腾之旅就此开始,不想看具体过程的就直接拉到最后就好。

1登录https://portal.budgetvm.com/,进入控制面板,点击【Dedicated Servers】,继续点列表右边的【manager】

2点击重装系统【Reinstall Operating System】,可以看到很多,选择windows即可,输入密码之后点击最下面按钮






我:Hi, I want to reinstall operating windows (Windows Server 2008 R2 – Standard – 64 Bit) , but Status always is Requested DHCP lease . WHY ?

A客服:Please note Atom Servers are quite simply not suitable for Windows 2008 however there also seems to be an IPMI issue with this particular server. I’m escalating your ticket for review by a Senior Administrator, a representative will reply when they’re available to do so.

B客服:I managed to fix the problem with IPMI for you however as stated Atom Servers are not suitable for Windows Server 2008. I notice you have CentOS 6.5 installed on this server would you like to install another linux based OS or are you happy to proceed with CentOS ?

我:Exception : Received non-200 HTTP Code: 417. Response body:417 – Expectation Failed. I want to install windows.

B客服:The “Exception : Received non-200 HTTP Code: 417. Response body: 417 – Expectation Failed” error seems to be some sort of post-installation error but shouldn’t prevent the installation to process. Please try initiating it again and check KVM to see if it installs.

6重要提示来了:其实进度条并不是不动的,只是后台不显示,可以通过 IPMI 来查看安装进度,千万不要点了取消。




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